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Terms & Conditions:

Ranger Airfield Foundation will give away N70223, a Piper Cub. Raffle tickets for this fundraising raffle are available for $50(U.S.) donation each. Packages of 3 tickets will be sold for $125. Tickets will be issued with a discrete number assigned by the raffle program. The actual ticket number will be emailed to the email address you provide. We are not responsible for any lost or misdirected email. If you do not receive your raffle ticket(s) via email within 24 hours of purchase, you should call 254-433-1267. The winner will be announced no later than December 31, 2024 or an earlier date if RAF directors so choose. RAF will give away one Piper Cub airplane, bearing FAA registration number N70223 ("the airplane"), or a reasonably equivalent airplane, should the airplane be damaged, destroyed or develop mechanical problems which, in RAF's sole discretion, are not feasible to repair prior to the drawing. RAF will give the airplane to the holder of a raffle ticket selected randomly. The winning ticket will be physically drawn from amongst all tickets. Tickets may be purchased at Ranger Airfield in Ranger, Texas, at select locations and events, online, by telephone or mail within the United States where permitted by law. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure it is legal in their state. Ticket buyer represents to RAF that it is legal to accept the ticket via email. Ticket sales will cease when tickets have sold out, or at noon CDT on December 30, 2024, whichever occurs first. RAF is aiming to sell 2500 tickets prior to Oct 2, 2024 to allow for the drawing on Oct 5, 2024 at Ranger's Fly-In & Airshow. Anyone that buys a ticket after the last ticket has sold will have their purchase refunded. The aircraft will be given away by December 31, 2024 regardless if all tickets are sold. You must be 18 or older to enter. The prize can be transferred to anyone located in the 48 contiguous states of the USA. The award of the airplane is expressly conditioned upon the holder of the winning ticket executing an acceptance agreement and liability waiver with RAF and this raffle is subject to the terms of such legal instruments. The award of the airplane is expressly conditioned on compliance with all applicable laws, including the collection of federal income tax withholding based upon the value of the airplane at the time of transfer for remittance to the IRS. Should the winner decline to accept the airplane, or if the winner cannot be located through the contact information he/she provided, another ticket will be selected randomly until a winning ticket holder accepts and takes possession of the airplane. The winning ticket holder does not need to be present to win; however, confirmation of the winner's identification will be required to claim the prize. The value of the airplane is $30,000. There is a cash option of $20,000. All tax consequences of accepting the airplane or cash are the sole responsibility of the winner. The airplane will be transferred to the winner at Ranger, Texas, following the winner's acceptance of the airplane. RAF reserves the right to use the winner's name and likeness in publicity and marketing materials, including but not limited to, media releases, RAF’s website, brochures and airfield promotions. The grand prize is to be picked up by the winner within 90 days of the drawing. Ranger Airfield Foundation will store the plane for 90 days. These official raffle rules are subject to the interpretation of RAF. You must verify that it is legal where you live before you buy ticket(s). The raffle is not valid outside of the USA. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED.


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