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Old Sport Aviation LLC offers ferry service to those needing to move  their special aircraft. See the map and list below to learn some of the aircraft we have relocated. 


A few flights:

T-6D (P&W 1340)

29.7 hour loop of Gulf of Mexico

Piper Pacer (O-320)

Michigan to Texas

Travel Air Speedwing (R-680)

California to Texas

Sopwith Pup (M14)

Florida to Texas

Aeronca TC (A65)

Texas to Oregon

Cessna 140A (O-200)

Maryland to Texas

FlyBaby (C65)

Illinois to Texas

Piper L-4A (C85)

Texas to Illinois

Cessna 150 (O-200)

Texas to Idaho

Zenith (Rotax 912)

Florida to Jalisco Mexico

Piper Cub (C90-8)

Texas to Florida

Piper Cub (C75)

Pennsylvania to Florida

Citabria (O-200)

Texas to Florida

Fleet (Warner 145)

Illinois to Texas

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